Acumen Improve Safety’s heat stress and site visibility software boosts businesses worldwide.

For many years, organisations across the globe have struggled to manage issues with heat stress and site visibility. However, Acumen Software has provided solutions to help businesses manage safety and wellbeing in real time and across multiple locations.

“With climate change a real issue that affects the temperature of workplaces, especially as summers are becoming longer and hotter, we knew we had to develop proactive solutions to deal with this major challenge,” says Dr Paul Robinson, managing director, Acumen. “Add to this the need for site visibility around the clock, and businesses will find they have two enormous safety concerns that need best practice management.”

A construction director in Qatar, where heat stress is a potentially lethal workplace safety issue, deployed Acument safety software four years ago on eight major projects and he is delighted with the results: “We needed a solution that gave us real-time visibility of issues and gave our workforce instant directives on heat stress and weather issues.”

“I can honestly say we have never looked back,” the construction director recalls. “Acumen Software gives us real-time capabilities to provide physical and virtual supervision of site work, delivering instant real-time communications to our workforce when weather conditions can affect their health and wellbeing.” 

Since 2004, Acumen has helped organisations through user-friendly software. 

“We put safety management in everyone’s back pocket,” explains Dr Robinson. “Combining latest mobile technologies with a tried-and-trusted safety management learning model, Acumen has managed more than 250,000 safety incidents and delivered capabilities to more than 100,000 users.” 

 “What we love about Acumen is the fact that the software is based upon an empirical learning model,” says a HSE manager for the National Grid UK. “Wwe have 100 percent trust in the capabilities Acumen Software delivers from every aspect of the business.” 

“We’ve been doing this for almost 20 years, so we know how to deliver insights into safety issues, improve safety management and drive down onsite incidents in real time,” says Dr Robinson. “With our latest software platform, our partners have instantaneous control of heat stress concerns, real-time visibility of site issues, virtual supervision with management of defects and, most importantly, the confidence that employees will go home safe and well.”

Acumen is the trusted partner of organisations around the world, including Skanska, Qatar Construction Companies, Balfour Beatty, National Grid Gas UK, National Grid Power UK and Pitney Bowes.

Courtesy – Georgia Lewis

Photo courtesy – Pixabay

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