Advisory Board

Andrew Barker

Executive Coach- Learning IN


Throughout his career in safety, Andy has worked in many industries and lived in many countries. The constant is not the industry, the processes, the technology or even the subject, Andy’s success comes from helping people, the constant we all have in our organizations.

Andy helps to harness the power of listening, the step changes in performance come from the resulting teamwork.

Safety issues are a by-product of failures in bigger strategies and plans, not of safety systems. Andy helps C-suites and board members not only understand how their organization collaborates for success, but also how simple it is to use their role and social power in safety.

Andy has facilitated changes in thinking on human error and human performance that in turn greatly enhance the power of an organization to make sustainable good decisions, without writing any more safety procedures.


Mohammed Al Ghazal

Co-Founding CEO for Noor Energy
HSE Specialist

AlGhazal developed new digital engineering and training schemes to upskill the workforce to cultivate a culture of digital transformation and sustainability. He has successfully trained multiple engineers and leaders to strategically apply digital skills, such as artificial intelligence, big data analytics, and internet of things.

In the energy industry, AlGhazal has been involved with several projects in engineering, safety, industrial internet of things, cybersecurity, and digital data analytics. He developed machine learning and digital twin models to optimize on-site operational decisions, and predict and prescribe asset integrity management solutions. He has published more than 50 papers and peer-review journal articles as well as multiple in-house technical reports and guidelines.

AlGhazal is the recipient of several awards and honors. In 2010, AlGhazal received his B.S. degree with honors in Petroleum Engineering from KFUPM, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. In 2015, he received an M.S. degree with honors in Engineering from the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA.

Steve Halligan
Founder & Managing Director
The Core Group

Steve moved to Dubai in 1991 and is the founder and Managing Director of Dubai based Leadership and Employee Engagement and Productivity specialists The Core Group.

Core stands for the combination of Consulting and Research. The Core Group is dedicated to helping organisations achieve better results through developing and maintaining high levels of employee motivation.

He has recently taken on an additional role, that of Chief Content Curator on the Employee Engagement Oracle, a website dedicated to helping managers get the best from their teams.

Since moving to the Middle East he has worked across the region and has extensive experience in the following industries:

Automotive; Airline; Hotels and Hospitality; Medical; Pharmaceutical; Construction; Banking; Government; IT; Logistics; Advertising; Oil & Gas; Telecoms; Retail.

During his time in the region he has gained unique insights into the issues that motivate (and in many cases de-motivate) employees and what management can do to develop and implement more productive strategies to improve performance.

One of the key challenges of this type of work is being able to communicate complex and sometimes delicate or controversial issues to a variety of nationalities and levels of seniority.