October 4, 2022


Abuse and bullying in the workplace affects some people worse than others. Some can shake it off and some are unable to. No one should be open to workplace abuse, harassment or threats and intimidation where they can or are being threatened by losing their job.

This page is an option to speak in confidence to people experienced in workplace bullying, abuse, harassment and intimidation without fear of repercussion who will offer advice and guidance.

There is a difference between being informed through disciplinary that you may be in danger of losing your job for performance reasons so please do not confuse this.

This page is voluntarily staffed by HSSE Global Publications Ltd, everything submitted will be passed to a legal advisor, it is free but funded through donations. These donations (if needed) will be used to pay for or assist in paying for a first legal appointment or call if indeed it is required they will not be used to fully fund any legal cases that arise.

If you feel you may have an issue in the workplace then please collate all information (notes, recordings, emails etc) and feel free to email the team at aitw@hsseglobal.com with a contact number. Any information passed will be treated in the strictest confidence and is GDPR Compliant with Whistle Blower rules followed.