Al Bawani claims top spot in KSA construction companies.

Another year of steady growth Al Bawani has had since it was established more than four decades ago.

Led by CEO Fakhr Alshawaf, Al Bawani’s resilience to continue excelling in Saudi Arabia, even through a global health crisis, has been recognised. Crowned this year’s number one KSA firm, Al Bawani has experienced another year of steady growth and diversification that has continued since it was established more than four decades ago.

The group works with clients in more than 15 cities across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The clients vary from government, semi-government and private enterprises. Al Bawani has a direct workforce of over 12,000 employees and a significantly healthy supply chain.

The Al Bawani brand has grown from a modest civil-works firm into a full fledged turnkey general contracting corporation with a sizable portfolio, strong financial position, and a significant presence in a broad range of industries.

Additionally, the Saudi-based company will also be responsible for the earthworks and stabilisation of each of the villas, along with their structures and underground utilities connections.

Al Bawani’s scope also includes the construction of the infrastructure networks for the Southern Dunes resort, such as sewage, potable water, telecommunications and landscape lighting.

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