Case study: Generative AI security is for every industry

As generative AI technology becomes more prevalent, more industries will be looking to leverage its benefits. However, this means that every industry needs to be aware of the security considerations and opportunities for misuse.

Alefiyah Johar, a co-founder of FC Beauty and partner at the Dubai-based Fakhree Al Hindi group of companies, which includes property, skincare and jewellery retail, talked to HSSE Global about managing security concerns with generative AI, while making the most of its powerful use cases.

Johar’s main security concerns with generative AI include “potential misuse of synthetic images and videos.” She says the main risk for industries including, but not limited to the health and beauty industries, is the promotion of misleading or dangerous products and procedures. 

“With the ability to generate highly realistic visual content, there is a risk that companies or individuals could use generative AI to create before-and-after images or videos that exaggerate the results of their products or procedures,” says Johar. “This could mislead consumers into buying products that are not effective or even harmful to their skin.”

For businesses that use customer reviews as a marketing tool, Johar says that “there is a risk that generative AI could be used to create fake reviews or endorsements”, which makes it difficult for consumers to trust online information. She says this is critical for skincare product companies. 

Johar shares her advice on managing the risks with generative AI and can be applied across multiple industries.

“First and foremost, we prioritise transparency in all our marketing and advertising efforts,” she explains. “We avoid using heavily edited or synthetic images in our promotional materials and provide clear disclaimers about the limitations and potential risks of our skincare products and procedures – this helps to ensure that our customers are fully informed and can make educated decisions about their skincare.”

Forming partnerships with genuine industry experts is another strategy Johar uses to ensure generative Ai does not promote misinformation or have a negative impact on transparency. For Johar, this means partnering with reputable skincare professionals and medical experts: “This not only helps to build trust with our customers, but ensures that we are staying on the forefront of industry advancements and best practices.”

FC Beauty uses generative AI to develop chatbots and virtual assistants, analyse customers’ skin to diagnose skin conditions and recommend products, and generate new product ideas based on customer feedback and market trends. The company is also using the technology to develop virtual experiences for customers to help them test products before purchase,

“By analysing data from social media and other sources, we can identify gaps in the market and create products that meet our customers’ needs,” says Johar. “And our chatbots can provide personalised recommendations, answer frequently asked questions, and even process orders.”

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