Going the extra mile with heat stress, weather awareness and welfare compliance.

As temperatures continue to break records across the MENA region, as well as Europe, heat stress management and weather awareness are two areas where no employer can afford to take shortcuts this summer or in the long term. Equally, employee welfare compliance is not just a legal requirement – it is, quite simply, the right thing to do.

Heat stress and weather awareness

When employees work in hot conditions – or other weather extremes, such as storms and snow – real-time information is essential, especially when conditions change unexpectedly. A mobile app that everyone can carry with them makes this so much easier. Instant alerts for increasing temperatures and mandatory work pauses, especially in countries where this is highly regulated, means employees will take breaks and stay safe.

A system with location-based awareness and the ability to target different people in different locations is a powerful tool for managing heat stress and maintaining weather awareness. It is important for the application to have a direct hook-in with global weather systems for updates as they happen, as well as a local override function to send alerts for sudden changes, such as unforecasted storms or temperature spikes. 

Welfare compliance

Best practice employee welfare means happier, healthier employees. This, in turn, has bottom line benefits in terms of productivity and staff retention. Delivering true welfare management in full compliance with government regulations is not negotiable – every employer needs to make sure they take care of this.

solution where employers can access full, detailed information about laws, easy-to-use check sheets and inspection guidelines, issue resolution functions, and issue logs will help enormously, especially if every function can be performed via a mobile app. The app needs to be user-friendly with aggregated views and dashboards for overviews and summaries.

Acumen can help employers meet vital goals and comply with all laws and regulations via simple, user-friendly solutions that put health and safety in everyone’s back pocket.

About Acumen Improve Safety: Acumen Improve Safety is a software company focused on solutions for safety and wellbeing. The Improve-Safety software can be used for a range of functions, including conducting compliance checks and inspections, staff training and sharing best practices across organisations via a user-friendly app. www.improve-safety.com

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