Help is at hand, through an amazing Indian community initiative. by “HelpingHands” is a small step in supporting people in need during the Covid-19 pandemic in India.

What they do?

  • Create and maintain verified data of resources and support related to Covid-19
  • Arrange medicines, groceries, cooked food, cloth and refill oxygen free of cost.
  • Raise funds for Covid+ patients, those who are unable to meet their treatment cost.
  • Free Video Consultation for Covid-19 patients by qualified doctors from across the world.
  • Free online Covid-19 counseling for kids, senior citizens, and young couple and helping them cope up with stress.
  • Find Vaccination slots
  • Help orphaned kids through a partnership with other NGOs.

How do they do it?
They are a team of amazing selfless volunteers that is made up of people from all corners and professions. They work 24×7 in shifts to make sure that they don’t miss a single call for help. Their only goal is to save precious lives.

What else can be done?
You can help. Please join hands with the volunteers of CovidAdda and help them to do more in helping India overcome this pandemic. 

“Together we are a force and we will win”. Spread the word.

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