Mayor Benjamin Magalong  has ordered  an extensive inspection of all construction sites and worker’s barracks following an outbreak of COVID-19 in a construction site near a condominium here.

Magalong ordered City Administrator Bonifacio dela Peña, City Health Services Officer Dr. Rowena Galpo, and City Buildings and Architecture Officer Johnny Degay to spearhead the inspections.

Violation of health standards and protocols will result in cancellation of building permits.

Magalong ordered the inspections following a contact tracing team report on the investigation conducted on the construction workers and their contacts who turned out positive for the viral disease.

Contact tracing reports showed gross violations of the health and safety protocols in construction and barracks sites like overall unsanitary condition of the premises, conduct of drinking sprees, failure to wear face masks, and disregard of quarantine requirements. It was also found out that some of these laborers undertake jobs in other construction sites, furthering the risk of transmission.

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