More than 100 climate tech startups present innovations at COP28

More than 100 climate tech startups operating in diverse sectors such as sustainable transport, agriculture and solar energy are showcasing their work at COP28 UAE’s Start Up Village in the Green Zone. 

The participation of these startups demonstrates the wide range of solutions being explored and positions COP28 as a key platform for advancing sustainable technologies.

The COP28 Presidency emphasises the important role that the private sector and technology can play in delivering climate action on the required scale. 

Global growth

Climate technologies could at least double their contribution to global growth, while removing up to 25 billion tonnes of carbon emissions annually.  

Recognising the importance for breakthrough technologies to achieve deeper decarbonisation, the COP28 Presidency has been highlighting that research and development is urgently required to bring down costs for existing and emerging technologies.

To further the involvement of the private sector startups, COP28 is hosting a dedicated Technology and Innovation Hub. This platform provides the private sector with an invaluable opportunity to share best practices and showcase their contributions in addressing the climate crisis.

Here are some of the startups with their amazing products to tackle climate change, which will be on display at their kiosks at the Startup Village.

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