Over 16,000 work-related injuries received by SSC.

Social Security Corporation of Jordan announced that it has received around 16,020 reports of workplace injuries since the onset of 2021 to the end of September, according to the Jordan News Agency, Petra.

The Director of the Occupational Safety and Work Injury department Wafaa Jaradat contended that the injuries expenses reached approximately JD2 million, including the allowances of the insured during their temporary rest, the one-time compensation, and health care expenses (medical treatment and homestay costs, transports costs, and rehabilitative services and preparations).

Jaradat added that the SSC transferred approximately JD1.6 million to hospitals from the beginning of year to the end of September, pointing out that the most injuries came from the manufacturing industries sector, ranging between simple and severe.

In 2020, the number of reported injuries received by the SSC amounted to 18,000 at a cost of JD5 million, since some institutions considered COVID-19 infection as a work-related injury.

However, the SSC in 2019 received approximately 12,000 work-related injury reports, according to Jaradat. 

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