Renewable energy in Egypt in 2021 amounts to 24,000 GW/h.

The production of renewable energy in Egypt during 2021 reached almost 24,000 GW/h, consisting of hydropower 14,000 GW, wind energy 5,400 GW, and solar energy 4,500 GW, in addition to 12 GW of biofuels.

The 2021 edition of the New and Renewable Energy Authority’s harvest report revealed that the renewable energy projects under development amount to 3,570 MW with investments amounting to $3.5bn, 78% of which is for solar energy and 22% for wind energy.

The report indicated that renewable energy projects have achieved fuel savings equating to about four million tonnes of oil equivalents, and the projects have contributed to reducing carbon dioxide emissions by nearly 10 million tonnes.

The New and Renewable Energy Authority signed a contract for a solar cell plant with a capacity of 50 MW in the Zafarana area, as well as the signing of a consultancy contract for a solar cell plant with a capacity of 50 MW in Kom Ombo, and the sale of 1.9 million carbon certificates.

In terms of small projects, the Egypt-PV small solar cell systems project achieved investments amounting to about EGP 118m for a total capacity of 9MW, which contributed to the production of nearly 13m kWhfrom the capacities of 125 small solar stations, which led to reducing emissions to 9,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent.

At the level of capacity building, 1,000 people have been trained, which indicates the demand for renewable energy fields and the opening of more job opportunities.

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