Saudi Arabia to launch trial phase of Makkah bus service.

The Royal Commission for Makkah and the Holy Sites will tomorrow (February 15) launch the trial phase of the unified public bus transport project for the city of Makkah. 

Makkah Buses will link the Haramain Express train station in the Rusaifa district and the Jabal Omar station near the courtyards of the Grand Mosque, reported SPA

The project is one of the initiatives of Doyof Al Rahman Program, the pilgrims’ service program, one of the programs of the Saudi Vision 2030. 

The first test trip will start at 530 am on Route 7A, carrying passengers from Haramain Express train station to Grand Mosque, stated the report. 

The Royal Commission aims, through this stage, to monitor what can be done to develop the service, in partnership with the community and the visitors to the Holy City.

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