SESB implements Tool Kit to ensure safety of employees

Sabah Electricity Sdn Bhd (SESB) focuses on improving its management in relation to employee safety when carrying out work on site involving mainly switching supplies.This approach is taken to ensure that the safety aspects are given priority by each employee to prevent unwanted incidents. SESB Senior General Manager (Asset Management) Ir. Norhizami Abu Hasan said apart from the SESB security policies that had been developed and implemented continuously, the Authorised Person (AP) Tool Kit is also implemented to ensure that employees working as AP perform their responsibilities in an orderly and safe manner.

“We do not want incidents that could affect the safety of technical staff to occur due to the lack of adequate and uniform equipment kits,” he said, in a statement, after completing the AP Tool Kit handover ceremony to the SESB technical team consisting of three core divisions, namely Generation, Delivery and Distribution.According to Norhizami, the initiative was implemented as one of the SESB management commitments to ensure adequate and uniform equipment kits are provided as well as giving priority to the implementation of safety aspects by employees and contractors.In addition, he said SESB also emphasises on understanding and awareness of the importance of workplace safety among its employees through participating in courses, workshops, seminars and handholding that are held from time to time.

“The use of safety equipment is also emphasised to ensure high-risk work is carried out safely, as well as to improve SESB security performance, in general.“New initiatives are often made to improve control and security not only for SESB employees but also SESB’s registered contractor companies,” he said.Norhizami said SESB also ensures that existing safety procedures, including Hazard Identification Risk Assessment & Risk Control (HIRARC) are constantly updated to ensure all employees and contractors appointed by SESB evaluate and mitigate risk at work before commencing work other than complying with safety regulations which have been set while performing their duties and indirectly to cultivate security in any activities that are carried out.He also said SESB will also continue to cooperate and collaborate with relevant agencies such as Energy Commission (ST), Department of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH), Federal Department of Environment (DOE) and National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) to further enhance the effectiveness of occupational health, safety and environmental management at SESB.

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