Occupational health and safety is among the top priorities of countries around the globe and Ministries seek to provide a healthy and safe work environment for workers in all sectors and to avoid work injuries and health diseases resulting from job risks. Ministries are keen to raise awareness of occupational health and safety among all classes of the society and among employers and employees until a positive occupational health and safety level can be reached nationally.

Ministries of Health on the other hand along with other stake holders, have issued several protocols for work procedures and preventive practices. There is a dire need of promoting the application of occupational safety and health standards set forth in the national legislation and international standard.

The SMART Health Safety & Environment Summit 2023 will provide valuable insights into effective health and safety programmes. While highlighting best practices, process improvements, technology advances and innovative applications to enhance occupational health, safety, security and environment performance, the forum will endeavor to align world class principles with local industry requirements presented by visionary international and local speakers in an effort to bring Health, Safety, Security and Environment issues to the fore combined with an audience of leading solution providers to ensure workplace safety and also analyze the role of modern technology in improving overall performance. The aim of Health Safety Security & Environment Summit is to bring a new renewed focus to HSSE and to promote a safety culture across all industry sectors in the Middle East and North Africa.

The key element is the perception toward occupational safety.

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