United Arab Emirates Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure implements projects worth Dhs12bn.

Implementation of 129 development projects as part of a five-year plan.

The UAE’s Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure has said that it is implementing 129 development projects worth approximately Dhs11.8bn, as part of the ministry’s five-year plan that spans from 2018-2023.

The developments include constructing 70 government buildings at a cost of Dhs6.62bn, implementing 17 projects for health facilities, and 26 other projects for the Ministry of Interior.

The plans also include 12 infrastructure developments for educational facilities, 15 projects to develop government buildings, 28 projects to construct and maintain federal roads, and 31 more for dams and water canals, at a total cost of Dhs5.18bn.

Under Secretary Al Mansouri stated that the total number of registered federal buildings is 2,901, which include 2,111 mosques, 125 health facilities, and 507 educational facilities.

The Ministry has completed maintenance on 258 of those buildings, at a total cost of Dhs571m.

He added that the ministry is keen on keeping pace with the government’s aspirations for the next 50 years by developing resilient action plans that would contribute effectively to achieving the 2071 centenary visions.

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