Noor Energy is a new innovative, forward thinking introduction to the world of Oil and Energy digitisation, it is the brain child of Greek-Cypriot Nicos Hadjisoteriou and Saudi Mohammed AlGhazal and was established in 2020 in what was fast becoming a sea change in Digital Transformation across the Oil and Gas Industry.

After years of working together on a variety of projects, and as a result of the same business vision for the Oil & Energy industry Noor Energy is focused on investments and trading of Oil & Petroleum products. They work predominantly in technology development and offer cost effective solutions to clients in Digital Transformation and Training.

Noor Energy have a long-term vision of working strategically to create a strong environment for dynamic relationships that leads to great results. 

With vast knowledge and expertise in digital transformation technology and having various projects successfully completed they aim to change the way of traditional trading. 

CEO Mohammed AlGhazal commented “We create a simpler and more accessible way to best serve our Clients combined with our close collaborations with Oil Majors, refineries and Physical Suppliers through Professionalism, Efficiency and Commitment. Our company takes seriously, our responsibility for meeting commitments and deadlines”.  

Noor Energy also offers tailored, practical training and consulting services for digital transformation in the Oil & Energy as well as other sectors. With experienced Engineers as part of the team that can assist in developing and running digital transformation roadmaps for Clients in line with their strategy and scope of work. 

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