Workplace safety webinar focuses on prevention through learning, heat management and site safety.

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Thursday 20 July, 2pm Gulf Standard Time/10am British Summer Time 

Hosted by HSSE Global and presented by Acumen Improve Safety, Dr Paul Robinson will focus on three key pillars for workplace safety:

  1. Reduce safety incidents
  2. Heat stress awareness
  3. Site safety visibility

In just 30 minutes, this comprehensive and powerful webinar will provide participants with a wealth of knowledge that can be applied to their organisations straight away. 

It makes good business sense to invest in workplace safety and Dr Robinson’s interactive session will equip busy health and safety professionals with new learnings, practical advice, and leading edge ways to use data and technology to create workplaces where everyone is safety-aware.

The programme

During the 30-minute webinar, Dr Paul Robinson will deliver a new safety learning model that will provide expert insights into how organisations can improve their safety management processes.

Workplace health, safety and HR professionals will be able to leave the webinar armed with practical steps on how they can achieve the following:

  • How to reduce the number of repetitive safety incidents by using an improved learning model that will empower entire organisations.
  • Protect employees by improving the effectiveness of heat stress awareness and management strategies.
  • Discover practical ways to increase real-time visibility of site issues, so information can be shared instantly.
  • Unleash the potential of a model that will provide organisations with useful insights into data-driven safety management.
  • Learn essential steps that every organisation can take to make a real difference to workplace safety performance. 

About the presenter: Dr Paul Robinson PhD blends his academic track record with 20 years of industry experience in technology and safety solutions. He has worked for organisations such as the NHS Patient Safety Program, and provided consultation and software services to a range of clients, including Skanska, Qatar Foundation, ASTAD, Amey, AVOVE, Pitney Bowes, TIME Qatar, Balfour Beatty and many others. As Managing Director of Acumen Insights, he says the company’s sole aim is to support organisations, ensuring all employees can be safe at work and go home unharmed after every shift.

About Acumen Improve Safety: Founded in 2004 with offices in the UK and Australia, Acumen is a software company focused on delivering solutions for site safety, wellbeing and welfare management to organisations around the world. The company’s main customer bases are the UK, Europe, the Middle East and the USA. The Improve-Safety software can be used for a range of functions, including conducting compliance checks and inspections, staff training and sharing best practices across organisations via a user-friendly app.

About HSSE Global: HSSE Global is an online portal to keep health, safety, security and environment professionals up to date with rules, regulations and information about the essential industries that employ millions of people worldwide.

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